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Carriers of the fire Womens Conference
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Carriers of the Fire Womens' Conference 7th-8th July 2006 in Llanelli. Speakers Karen Lowe (Antioch Church, Llanelli), Debra Green (City Links), Samie Greig (24/7 Prayer), Lucy Smith (BlushUK), Ruth Rogers (via evangelist, Birmingham) and Lynn Swart (Southampton Community Church).

Christian aid
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Church Edit
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Cosy Hall
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Cosy Hall hosts the Newport Christian Fellowship and many other organisations in Newport. Plesae visit the site for more info

Evangelical Alliance
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Oasis Trust
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Operation Mobilisation
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Saltmine Trust
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Saltmine is at the forefront of Christian service, totally committed to evangelism, mission and the integrity of the family. Its Theatre Company, Red Balloon Theatre Company and Creative Arts Team supported by Technical Services Department regularly present the gospel in churches, schools, colleges, prisons, youth clubs and universities. They also feature at the many summer holiday initiatives of Saltmine.

Scripture Union
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Soul Survivor
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Spring Harvest
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Toronto airport Christian Fellowship
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Youth For Christ
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Youth with a Mission
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